What We Do

With building information modeling (BIM) quickly becoming an industry standard, it has revolutionized the way teams work together to communicate, collaborate and solve problems, resulting in high quality projects being built more quickly and at a lower cost.

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3D Laser Scan As-Builts

3D laser scanning provides highly accurate proximity data that includes unparalleled detail.

Accident Reconstruction

With a 3D Laser Scanner, crash investigators can quickly record vast amounts of data and bring the virtual scene back to the office.

Building Information Modelling

With 3D Laser Scanning, teams can solve problems and collaborate more quickly, and at a lower cost.

Crime Scene Analysis

By capturing crime scenes in 3D, an exact record of the entire scene at the touch of a button and permits the site to be returned to normal more quickly.

A few of the many industries we serve

  • Industrial Plant Space
  • Heritage and Archaeology
  • Architecture
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Engineering
  • Highways and Transportation Infrastructure
  • Accident Investigation and Structural Failure
  • Power Lines and Utilities